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Licensed music

Includes some of the best music from all around the world for your audio-visual projects.


Recording Studio

Top of the line equipped recording studio for your dubbing and postproduction needs.


Interior Audio Content

Provide your customers with music that is ad free and rich in selection.


Music Libraries

Our wide selection of musical genres always puts us one step ahead.


Licensed Music

Do you need music for your project? Our music selection team will help you pick from over 1.600.000 of our tracks that are pre-cleared for any usage.

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Advert, Czech republic:
Škoda Kodiaq (2016)
Advert, Czech Republic:
O2 (2016)
Film trailer, USA:
Revenant (2016)

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Jan Nedvěd

+420 602 411 210

Kateřina Stanková

+420 702 019 415

Marek Bláha

+420 722 649 800

Recording Studio

Do you need a top of the line recording studio for you dubbing, postproduction or recording need?
Why not use the potential of our high-end recording facilities!

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PC Video game, CZ dubbing:
The Witcher
Film, CZ dubbing:
Cars 2
Film, CZ dubbing:
On the road

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Ivana Nedvědová

+420 602 212 323

Interior Audio Content

Do you want your establishment to have the ideal music to complete the ambience?
We will create bespoke musical playlists specifially for your needs.

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Musée Grévin (Prague)

“From a customer's perspective, we are more than content, the music is timeless and all our dealings have
been handled admirably. We heartily recommend the InMusic.”

Restaurant U Týna (Prague)

“Music is an essential element for every restaurant, it completes the atmosphere. This is why music selection is very important for us and we are very happy to be collaborating with InMusic.”

Grandhotel Pupp (Carlsbad)

“When we have tried their service our troubles with music selection simply fell away, no longer having to deal with picking out individual songs or checking on employees to see whether they were playling what they were supposed to and not simply the music they liked.”

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Jakub Horáček

+420 702 019 492

Musical libraries

Our production music libraries are distributed to more than 50 countries and contain around 700 albums, clearly sorted according to musical styles and genres. They are suitable for film, television and advertisement production. We also possess a collection of original sound effects.

Libraries / Labels:


Music in Film, USA:
The Imitation game (2014)
Advertisement, CZ:
Moravian Wines, Wines from the Czech Republic (2015)
Advertisement, USA:
Hardee's (2015)

Contact Us:

Zdeněk Nedvěd

+420 602 383 283

Vašek Janout

+420 723 593 666

Patrik Gudev

+420 603 243 567

About Us

We are the largest independent producer of top quality production music in Central Europe.
We operate in the Czech and Slovakian market since the 1996.

We offer a wide range of products, which enables us to provide our customers with a complete service. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia we represent over 70 production music libraries including Warner Chappell PM, EMI PM or Sonoton. The music from these libraries covers a whole spectrum of musical genres and is created for use in movie, television, radio, and other audiovisual and multimedia works.



+420 723 848 171


Contact email: office@studiofontana.com

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Studio Fontána, spol. s r.o.
V Podvrší 1352/1
182 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic

Invoice Address: Studio Fontána, spol. s r.o., Šternberkova 8, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic, IČ 63672014.
Company listed at City Court in Prague, section C, entry 36568.